Lanny Forrester

Lanny Forrester is an Avid Skier

Lanny ForresterLanny Forrester is a huge sports fan. One of his favorite teams is the Chicago Bears, and he enjoys watching them play live or on television. Lanny Forrester loves all sports, but the one about which he is most passionate is skiing. When the weather conditions are ideal on the weekends, he can usually be found at a ski resort in his area.

Lanny Forrester loves the fact that skiing is a rigorous sport that can also be very relaxing at the same time. Skiing is a sport that requires strength and precision, but a day on the slopes is also a great way to wind down. Mr. Forrester is a great skier, but he is always looking for ways to improve his mastery of this sport so he can tackle more difficult slopes. That is why he is always buying or checking out books that help him improve his skills. He really enjoys the challenge of skiing.

Skiing is just one of Lanny Forrester’s many hobbies. He is also very passionate about motorcycling. He really enjoys riding his motorcycle down America’s highways. He has travelled several places during the past decade, including states in nearly all the regions of our country. Lanny not only loves to explore new places, but he also enjoys meeting new people along the way.

Lanny Forrester has chosen to live life on the edge. He refuses to live the typical life. That is why he is so devoted in his pursuits of playing golf, skiing, and riding his motorcycle.


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